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not just a mom

A mom friend once posed the following question: “Is it awful if I answer my husband honestly about what I’d like best for Mother’s Day: to be left alone?” Ava Gardner she was not, nor am I that friend. But truth be told, it is nice to escape the mom label every now and then, be it in May or any other day for that matter. If you think you’ve come too close to adapting the full mommyhood routine, take a closer look at that bag you’re carrying. Is it loaded down with diapers, wipes, Goldfish and every other imaginable kid-friendly contraption? Be honest. If you could use something that’s a bit more you–or perhaps the “you” before there were babies in the picture–consider the Kalencom Spize Girls Buckle Bag. This fashionable tote has a retro floral design that’s incredibly stylish. The bag contains three matching accessories–an insulated bottle bag, changing pad and zippered case–that can be swapped out when your little one is potty-trained and/or drinking from a big-kid cup. We love the messenger style because it harkens back to those days of strutting across campus when your biggest decision was whether or not to sign up for an 8 a.m. elective with that cute guy or get an extra hour of sleep. Ah, sleep….what is that again?

In a Nutshell: Those bags under your eyes may reveal your mommy identity, but this hipper-than-thou bag doesn’t have to. Now you can walk around town with a tote that doesn’t wear you–or your spirits–down.

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not your big sister’s diaper bag

When my sister had her first daughter nearly 16 years ago, she schlepped a quilted Winnie the Pooh bag to my parents’ house; I think even she’ll admit it was hardly a fashion statement. Today, there are so many versatile, stylish bags in which to tote baby belongings that I’m sure even my teenage niece would approve of them! One such line that recently caught my eye is ISOKI, which apparently comes from the African word meaning “beautiful gift.” Just take one look at these bags and you’ll agree that this name is an apt description. Looking more like weekender bags than ones holding diapers and wipes, you may easily mistake these for ones that belong at a Hamptons beach. What makes them stand out, though, are the extras: namely, a storage compartment underneath (great for when you’re fully packed and you realize you’ve forgotten to pack the diaper rash cream) and an insulated cooler (no need to throw in an extra bag for milk, juice or anything else that needs to keep cold…yes, even your iced coffee).

In a Nutshell: Unlike that bridesmaid dress that’s been hanging in your closet and promising to be worn again, this is a bag that has a life after diapers…and one that you’ll be proud to show off.


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it’s in the bag

Sometimes, a diaper bag needs to double as an overnight tote. Imagine the scenario: Your hubby just got you tickets to the ballet for Mother’s Day and Grandma–bless her heart–has offered to take your little one for the night. Once you begin packing everything she’ll need, it’s not long before you realize you are quickly running out of room. Rather than pack a separate bag for all that extra stuff, opt for Kushies Boho Diaper Bag, which has more pockets than a pair of overalls! There’s no way you can misplace that beloved binky now. We appreciate the padded changing pad that tucks right inside without taking up too much space and the two bottle pockets on the side that are perfect for the last-minute mad dash out the door (“Oh, I know I’m forgetting something…)

In a Nutshell: Diaper bags that do double duty as an overnight bag? Amen to that. With this much room and a stylish print to boot, you’ll be able to hang on this long after your little one’s been potty-trained.



disguised diapering

Having a sense of humor as a parent kinda comes with the territory; I know if I didn’t laugh off half the things that happen during the course of an average day, I’d be crying instead. Hats off to the witty Stinky Bum Clutch, an accessory no new mom should live without. You know those times when you’re heading out with the kids, just for a short while, and you know you’ll need an extra diaper….yet you desperately want to look like a sophisticated grown-up (or at least, fool yourself into thinking you actually are one). Well, this clutch may actually convince you that just because you are a mom doesn’t mean you’ve permanently lost your sense of style. First off, it’s small (think I don’t need to tote my entire life around in this bag). Second, it’s insulated so you can carry wet wipes, a diaper or two..but nothing that screams “bulky.” And the sense of humor I mentioned earlier? Stamped right on the front. (There’ll be no mistaking this clutch for your evening bag).

In a Nutshell: Fashion and function for today’s mom? It’s in the bag…

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