• A mom friend once posed the following question: “Is it awful if I answer my husband honestly about what I’d like best for Mother’s Day: to be left alone?” Ava Gardner she was not, nor am I that friend. But truth be told, it is nice to escape the mom label every now and then, be it in May or any other day for that matter. If you think you’ve come too close to adapting the full mommyhood routine, take a closer look at that bag you’re carrying. Is it loaded down with diapers, wipes, Goldfish and every other imaginable kid-friendly contraption? Be honest. If you could use something that’s a bit more you–or perhaps the “you” before there were babies in the picture–consider the Kalencom Spize Girls Buckle Bag. This fashionable tote has a retro floral design that’s incredibly stylish. The bag contains three matching accessories–an insulated bottle bag, changing pad and zippered case–that can be swapped out when your little one is potty-trained and/or drinking from a big-kid cup. We love the messenger style because it harkens back to those days of strutting across campus when your biggest decision was whether or not to sign up for an 8 a.m. elective with that cute guy or get an extra hour of sleep. Ah, sleep….what is that again?

    In a Nutshell: Those bags under your eyes may reveal your mommy identity, but this hipper-than-thou bag doesn’t have to. Now you can walk around town with a tote that doesn’t wear you–or your spirits–down.

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