• Meet and Greet the Walnut-in-Charge

    Pamela Brill, your host

    Let’s face it: When it comes to blogs about baby products, there are tons of them out there written by moms. But this blog aims to be different, as it’s the first blog written by a mom who also knows the baby products industry firsthand. Join me as I draw upon nearly a decade’s worth of experience editing and writing for national parenting magazines, and nearly 7 years as mom, to evaluate the latest in children’s products. My work has been published in American Baby, Babble.com, FamilyFun, Fit Pregnancy, Parents and Time Out New York Kids, where I’ve tracked which kids’ products and toys are turning parents’ and kids’ heads. I’ll not only be able to tell you how well they work at home, but whether or not these innovations are ground-breaking originals or mere copycats.

    - Pam Brill

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