• Sometimes, a diaper bag needs to double as an overnight tote. Imagine the scenario: Your hubby just got you tickets to the ballet for Mother’s Day and Grandma–bless her heart–has offered to take your little one for the night. Once you begin packing everything she’ll need, it’s not long before you realize you are quickly running out of room. Rather than pack a separate bag for all that extra stuff, opt for Kushies Boho Diaper Bag, which has more pockets than a pair of overalls! There’s no way you can misplace that beloved binky now. We appreciate the padded changing pad that tucks right inside without taking up too much space and the two bottle pockets on the side that are perfect for the last-minute mad dash out the door (“Oh, I know I’m forgetting something…)

    In a Nutshell: Diaper bags that do double duty as an overnight bag? Amen to that. With this much room and a stylish print to boot, you’ll be able to hang on this long after your little one’s been potty-trained.


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