• Having a sense of humor as a parent kinda comes with the territory; I know if I didn’t laugh off half the things that happen during the course of an average day, I’d be crying instead. Hats off to the witty Stinky Bum Clutch, an accessory no new mom should live without. You know those times when you’re heading out with the kids, just for a short while, and you know you’ll need an extra diaper….yet you desperately want to look like a sophisticated grown-up (or at least, fool yourself into thinking you actually are one). Well, this clutch may actually convince you that just because you are a mom doesn’t mean you’ve permanently lost your sense of style. First off, it’s small (think I don’t need to tote my entire life around in this bag). Second, it’s insulated so you can carry wet wipes, a diaper or two..but nothing that screams “bulky.” And the sense of humor I mentioned earlier? Stamped right on the front. (There’ll be no mistaking this clutch for your evening bag).

    In a Nutshell: Fashion and function for today’s mom? It’s in the bag…

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