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    We recently took a stroll down memory lane watching videos of when my girls were toddlers. It’s hard to believe they were once that young–no backtalk, just babble–and so fiercely independent (or at least trying to be). I  remember so well how determined my older daughter was to drink out of her own cup, minus the top. And if my well-worn kitchen floor is any indication of just how many spills of knocked-over drinks I’ve cleaned up, well…let’s just say there’s a reason for all those stains. If you have an equally determined toddler on your hands, you know that meal time isn’t the best time for arguing over minor mishaps. Katesplace Kupp’ is the answer to those relentless cries of “I do it myself!” during family meals. This eco-friendly glass features a colorful BPA-free sleeve that cushions the cup from any unforeseen falls–and your impressionable toddler’s sense of self. The easy-to-grasp handle lets little ones get a grip on drinking like a big kid. We love the newest Kupp’ in the line, designed in a delectable violet hue. Here’s to get through tonight’s family dinner. Cheers!

    In a Nutshell: Don’t cry over spilled milk any longer, thanks to a kid-friendly drinking cup that promotes independence. Bottoms up…

    Violet Kupp'

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