• safe sunning: new sunscreen products for the family

    When it comes to sunscreen, you can never have too much. Believe me: I’m living proof. After going through my second skin cancer treatment in two weeks, I am regretting all those hours in the sun as a kid that may have been fun at the time, but for which I am now paying the price. Sure we wore “suntan lotion” (as it was called back then), but re-applying after time spent in the water wasn’t stressed nearly as much as it is today. As a mom of two young girls who spend their fair share of time outdoors, I am constantly running after them with sprays, lotions, face sticks…anything I can get my hands on so they can avoid having to go through surgery as adults. Now that summer is finally here, we all can benefit from new sunscreen products that will keep us healthy in the long run. For starters, moms who are concerned about the appearance of fine lines due to sun exposure may appreciate Jersey Shore Cosmetics Anti-Aging Mineral Sunscreen. This all-natural SPF 35 lotion goes on thick, creating a protective barrier that counteracts UV rays and prevents the signs of premature aging. If misting is more your style, check out Hampton Sun’s SPF Continuous Mist 35 Anthropologie edition, an oil-free formula that filters out UVA rays and can be reapplied with a top of the finger. And after applying your own sunscreen, don’t forget about your little ones. Giggle Sunscreen features broad spectrum 45 coverage with UVA + UVB protection. Throw it in your diaper bag, purse or tote anytime you are heading outside this summer.

    In a Nutshell: Let this be a no-sunburn summer with no-brainer sunscreen products that go on easy–and do their job right.

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