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    With a hint of spring in the air and warmer weather well on its way, we can expect to see a caravan of strollers making their rounds. If you will be among the many fellow baby-toting moms, here’s a bit of advice from this seasoned mama: Pack lightly. If there was one thing that used to drive me bonkers as a new mom heading out to the park or playground, it was how unbelievably bogged down I was, schlepping all this stuff around. Between a clean diaper, wipes, snacks, a hat, sweater (in case of a breeze, God forbid!) and anything else I could cram into my bag, I wasn’t just prepared for an afternoon out with my baby daughter…I was ready for the apocalypse, suburban-style! In retrospect, I wish I had followed the ‘less is more’ approach (it would have saved me from tossing a lot of crushed Cheerios) and only brought what I would use (think trial size everything). It’s why I love baby’s day out from Acure Organics. This 3-pack of diaper bag essentials gives you exactly what you need, when you need it. baby fix-it stick is an organic balm that treats any cuts or scraps from playground mishaps, while the baby bug stick keeps pesky critters at bay safely with its DEET- and chemical-free formula. And no day outdoors can (or should) be complete without protection from UV rays, as provided by the baby sun SPF stick featuring uncoated zinc oxide. Each .05 oz stick fits easily in your diaper bag or tote without weighing you down. So, put away the economy-size sunscreen and insect repellent and save it for a day when you have someone else to lug around all that baby gear (hint, hint dads)…

    In a Nutshell: Spring is a time to lighten up–not just your mood, but your load. This convenient kit contains baby basics for a fun day out.

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