• hog heaven: peppa pig my birthday party dvd

    When it comes to favorite pigs, Miss Piggy will always be at the top of my famiy’s list. But coming in at a close second is none other than Peppa Pig, the precocious preschooler from across the pond whose everyday antics add up to a ton of fun. Both my girls enjoy her show on Nick Jr. (even if the 4th grader refuses to admit it!), as they tune in to find out what type of mischief (er, fun) Peppa and her brother George will get into this time. Now, for the first time in the U.S., Peppa makes her DVD debut with the just-released Peppa Pig: My Birthday Party, a compilation of 14 episodes that is pure piggie bliss. Whether they are be treated to a magic show-themed birthday party, enjoying a day at the beach or simply splashing in muddy puddles, this is one family that knows how to have fun. No matter what transpires, each episode wraps up with the entire pig family¬† rolling around on the floor and laughing hysterically. The best kind of way to end your day, no matter how old you are.

    In a Nutshell: A fun-for-all fest, this little pig knows how to party. Great fun for preschoolers and anyone with a penchant for pigs.


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