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    I enjoy reading with my kids any day of the year, but this particular season is even more fun to snuggle up with a good book. I remember  back when they were younger and we’d tear through a pile of picture books in one sitting. If you and your little one are ready for a sweet new story, be sure to check out Lola Gets a Cat. The latest book in the Lola series, it’s the charming tale of a precocious preschooler who’s been itching for a cat of her own, and does everything she can to prove that she is responsible enough. At first glance, readers will understand just how committed she is: Her bedroom is outfitted in all things feline, including Lola herself…right down to the barrettes in her hair. She takes her job of potential pet owner rather seriously by researching cat care-taking at the library and putting this newfound information to practice at home. After demonstrating how devoted, knowledgeable and, most importantly, kindhearted she truly is, Lola finally reaps her well-earned reward. Readers’ hearts will melt at the expression on the chosen kitty’s face in anticipation of finding a home. (I couldn’t help but recall my own experience of laying eyes on our shelter cat, who happens to resemble the gray furred Makeda.) Of course, like any pet adoption story, Lola learns the art of patience as her furry friend gets accustomed to her new surroundings, a gentle reminder for those considering adding a pet to their own family. Before long, Lola’s new bestie has settled in and as the story ends, it’s as though Makeda has been with her the entire time. An endearing story with lovely illustrations, Lola Gets a Cat may not be the most fitting title for this book. It’s more ‘Lola Gains a Friend’…and more.

    In a Nutshell: A love letter for kitty fans everywhere. A perfect pick just in time for Valentine’s Day, Lola Gets a Cat is geared at ages 2-5.

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