• how sweet it is: peaceable kingdom valentines

    I heart Valentine’s Day. As a kid, I couldn’t wait until my teacher gave us permission to “deliver” our handmade cards to our classmates. After school, I would lay out my collection of candy-colored notes on the living room floor, re-reading the silly phrases like “You’re purr-fect, Valentine” from a cartoon cat. (It was almost as fun as cataloguing my Halloween candy, yet oddly more satisfying.) Later, once I became a mom, I relished the chance to transform an ordinary shoe box into a mailbox festooned with pink and red hearts for my preschooler, hoping she too would come to savor the holiday steeped only in sweetness and love. As my daughter grew and developed tastes of her own, I recalled helping her select her own cards, and winced a little as construction paper hearts gave way to television characters in day-glo brights and holograms of peace signs and emojis. Now as the seasoned mother of two, I admittedly miss those days of Valentines that spoke to simpler times and realize that my vote doesn’t count for much when it comes to “cool cards.” Maybe that’s why the new Valentines line from Peaceable Kingdom is such a treat for sentimental saps like me. From the scratch ‘n sniff variety of cookies and cream and cherry cupcakes, to the ones with a little something extra like a game of tic tac toe, these cards pack plenty of fun with a little bit of nostalgia thrown in. Each set contains 28 cards and envelopes–enough for an entire class and then some. I’ll gladly take the leftovers.

    In a Nutshell: Valentine’s Day just got a whole lot sweeter. This classroom-ready collection of kids’ cards has something for everyone.

    Peaceable Kingdom V Day ticPeaceable Kingdom V Day cookies


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