• not your basic bottle: pura kiki

    Back in the day, figuring out what bottle to feed your baby with wasn’t considered rocket science. Buzz words like BPA and PVC didn’t have moms on high alert, worrying whether their child would ingest toxic substances while drinking from her “ba-ba.” Plastic didn’t conjure up images of towering landfills, but was simply something you used to box up your leftover meatloaf. But because today, we live in a different world and have a myriad of product choices, figuring out what’s best for our kids can be a bit more challenging–even when it comes to something as ordinary as selecting a baby bottle. Well, we had an eye-opener this week when we learned that some of those bottles dubbed “BPA-free” may, in fact, may still leach harmful chemicals. One product that isn’t confused about its identity is Pura Kiki, the bottle that proudly wears the 100-plastic-free label across its base. Made from stainless steel and medical-grade silicon, Kiki features a non-plastic nipple designed to stay put (that means no leakage). And even if you have a fussy child who prefers a particular nipple or spout, this bottle works with other major brands, such as Avent, Dr. Brown’s and Born Free. Once your baby has graduated to a sippy cup, simply upgrade her bottle to a sip-style spout. We like the fact that Pura also makes stainless water bottles for big people, so your whole family can drink safely. Cheers!

    In a Nutshell: BPA what; PVC whom? Don’t worry about deciphering the latest acronyms. With Pura Kiki, your baby can enjoy her ba-ba–and so can you.

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