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    At a time when SpongeBob is making waves for influencing poor attention spans in preschoolers, I feel the need to dust off some of my childhood classics, crawl back under the covers and remember a time when no one griped that Cookie Monster was responsible for making us eat too many chocolate chips. One of my favorite friends was Babar, the elegant elephant whose only flaw was making me want to learn French before I could master the English language. Nevertheless, the antics of papa elephant, Celeste and their adorable family was my first taste of sophistication and one that I can appreciate even more today as I read to my children. Picking up from where the story lines leave off are newly released twin DVDs. Babar: The Classic Series is made up of two themed titles, each with 4 episodes. Best Friends Forever demonstrate the importance of working as a team and being understanding, while School Days teaches the timeless lessons of patience and being truthful. Just as the new school year kicks off, these releases serve as gentle reminders that while it isn’t always easy being a kid, it helps to have a friend in your corner. Isn’t that true for us all?

    In a Nutshell: As the kiddies head back to school and outside influences inevitably creep into their lives, keep them grounded (for as long as you can) with life lessons from a trusted childhood friend.

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