• Once upon a time, there lived a little girl who loved her vegetables. Be it broccoli or string beans, she devoured every green-leafed morsel on her plate. She met each carrot with a zest for eating, every tomato with an appreciation for fresh produce that no 2-year-old had ever been known to cultivate. Until, that is, the day she entered a new phase: the “I don’t like thaaatttt!” stage of development parents of toddlers have come to know, yet not love. How frustrated became her mom. “What happened to that little girl who loved to crunch and munch all things healthy?,” she wondered. She began to fret, since this child was not one for a big appetite as it was. Lucky for both of them that Super Puffs arrived on the scene. At first glance, these snack foods were not unlike some of the other bite-sized, cereal-like puffs she had tried before. But after further examination, the mom noticed their organic, good-for-you ingredients, their colorful hue and how neatly the canister they appeared in fit into a cup holder for long drives. Inventive pairings of spinach and apple, strawberry and beets, mango and sweet potato ensured that her little one would be getting a taste of those veggies cleverly disguised as light-as-air treats. Now that the little girl is happily munching Super Puffs, the kingdom can rest easy…and maybe her mom can even start sneaking those veggies onto her plate once again. And everyone can live happily ever after.

    In a Nutshell: Buck up, Mom; fussy eaters are just part of parenting a typical toddler. But with these whole grain puffs, your little princess may resume healthy eating habits once again. The End.

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