• pretty enough to eat

    These days, I’ll do nearly anything–short of standing on my head–to have my 2-year-old sit for a meal for more than 15 minutes. Sometimes, I think that it’s the plate and cutlery itself, rather than the food, that keeps her in her seat. (Hey, it was a smiley-faced fork and spoon that did it for my 6-year-old.) The eye-catching kids’ dinner plates in the French Bull everyday tray collection are as cute as they are practical. The divided sections each feature a motif specific to the general theme: an elephant spraying himself in the Animals one and colorful kids playing with toys in Playtime. If your child takes a liking to these plates, you’ll want to take them with you–and you can, thanks to a convenient lid and a spoon that snaps on place. French Bull even has a line of beautifully designed plates, serving trays and coasters for grown-ups, too. After all, who says we can’t have a little fun, too?

    In a Nutshell: With these festive dishes, you may just be able to by yourself a few more minutes of peace and quiet at the dinner table.

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