• If I had a nickel for every time I’ve used a plastic sandwich baggie, I could cash out and skip playing Lotto. Seriously, we go through dozens of these bags every week: from packing snacks and small lunch items, to storing craft supplies and other items I can’t seem to get handle on otherwise. Part of me feels guilty every time we open yet another one (hey, at least I recycle the box!), but as a busy mom, these baggies have become one of my most indispensable items to date. Imagine then how I felt when I recently received a sample of Stasher, a plastic-free, silicon storage bag. To call this item revolutionary would be putting it on a pedestal, and yet I feel this product has earned a spot in the ‘where-have-you-been-my-whole-life’ parenting product category. This reusable bag isn’t just planet-friendly, but practical. The generously sized see-through bag has an easy-to-close Pinch Press design and can be used to corral anything from cut-up veggies, to baby food supplies. Its write-on surface works with dry erase markers to make easy labeling for busy households where kids are always coming and going. We put Stasher through the paces and it stood up to daily wear-and-tear, bouncing from backpack, to dishwasher and back again. Because this this PVC-free durable bag can even go into the freezer or microwave, it proves its worth beyond the traditional storage container. Available in fun prints or cool solids (especially for the image-conscious big kids), Stasher deserves a place in each and every kitchen.

    In a Nutshell: Storage gets simpler and safer with a new line of plastic-free bags worth toting.


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