• sweet tooth-ready: jelly belly beanboozled 4th edition

    Calling all taste testers and lovers of jelly beans: Just how well do you know your favorite flavors? With Easter just one month away, there’s no better time to whet your appetite than with the latest version of a well-loved game that will put your taste buds in a tizzy. The BeanBoozled 4th Edition features two new flavor pairings that may perplex even the most seasoned palettes: Dead Fish with Strawberry Banana Smoothie and Spoiled Milk with Coconut. Sure, these beans may look like their counterparts, but can you really tell which one is the better half? Kids continue to love tempting their friends and family into sampling these eye-catching confectionaries…but most admit, it’s the yuck-inspired names that keep them coming back for more. With 20 flavors in all, there are plenty of pairings to check out, if you dare. From Booger and Juicy Pear, to the oh-so-unpopular Barf and Peach, we think the Easter Bunny will have a lot of um, work to do this spring. So, if you’re ready for a different kind of trick-or-treat this season, the BeanBoozled 4th Edition will not disappoint.

    In a Nutshell: How sweet it is…or is it? This is one jelly bean bonanza that will keep you guessing and craving more.


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