• Back in the day, when I worked full-time and commuted to Manhattan, I remember toting around more luggage than I cared to admit. Sure, I traveled for business every now and then, but we’re talking packed bags–as in multiple–for just one day. And since I was doing my best to save my pennies, one of those bags was a brown one–as in my sorry-looking lunch. How many times it collapsed or fell apart due to my clumsy packing style or because it couldn’t bear the weight of–gasp!–a cup of yogurt would be too many to mention. How I wish I’d gotten my hands on the Laptop Lunches Bento System, a grown-up version of the organized lunchbox. This insulated bag may look like it contains a portable computer, but take a closer look inside. It includes 5 generously sized containers that can accommodate everything from sandwiches to fruit to salad dressing. And if that doesn’t make you feel adult enough, there’s a set of stainless-steel silverware–great for going green–and a water bottle (who needs that can of diet soda, anyway?) Now, if your cup of yogurt leaks, no one will know but you.

    In a Nutshell: This reusable lunch bag may not eliminate the need for toting another bag to the office, but at least it’s one that stands up to spills and other food disasters. It even works well when you’re eating lunch al fresco at the park (yes, you can walk away from your desk every now and then…)

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