• a-maze-ing play: seedling design your own marble maze

    If you’ve been putting off trying to find a gift for the tween/teen in your life, we feel your pain. Gone are the days of cuddly stuffed animals,¬† fashion dolls and action figures…now it seems like all your kid cares about is his phone! If you refuse to resort to a token gift card (good for you!), but don’t exactly want to go to the end’s of the earth either, consider this creative choice that just begs to be played¬†with. Seedling’s Design Your Own Marble Maze gets big points in our book. First, it takes the puzzle concept to another level (literally) by letting kids construct and design their own tabletop-sized maze. They can position walls, add traps and designate stop and start points to create a challenging course. Then, just add marbles and see just who can master this maze! If your kid is into building, but has outgrown his Legos, this set may be the perfect match for his advanced skill set–and that will make you a proud parent. And if your smarty pants is suddenly experiencing smartphone withdrawal, he can download the free Maze app and use the bonus Virtual Reality Viewer to check out his mastery in action. See, everybody wins in this game.

    In a Nutshell: Don’t go lose your marbles over finding the perfect present for your tween/teen. This marble-lous maze is a smart choice.


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