• the house that jane built: goldieblox invention mansion

    I remember that Christmas like it was yesterday. I had asked Santa for the Barbie Dream House, but instead received a Barbie Townhouse. I wasn’t entirely disappointed that I didn’t get exactly what I had written in my letter to him, but more because the house didn’t seem to work as I thought it should. The elevator didn’t go up without banging from side to side, and my dolls kept falling out. Some of the furnishings weren’t three-dimensional, but instead were printed onto the walls (seriously, how’s a girl supposed to hang up her sparkly evening gown without a real closet?). That might have been the very year that I began to lose interest in playing dolls, but looking back, I don’t begrudge Barbie for turning me off. If anything, I think it’s when I started drawing more and doodling houses that I dreamed I could build myself.  Lucky for today’s girls, they can actually turn those fantasies into a reality. GoldieBlox’s Invention Mansion is the dream home your daughter was meant to have. With over 350 pieces and a book of detailed construction ideas to whet her appetite, this kit nixes the entire idea of a starter home by letting your resident architect take the lead and design to her heart’s content. There’s a trap door, zipline, balcony, bridges and even a climbing wall that will help take her building skills to the next level–literally. No matter how your child designs it, she’s sure to believe ‘there’s no place like home.’

    In a Nutshell: Unleash your child’s imagination with a make-your-own-home set that leaves plenty of room for creative play.


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