• mom’s 15 minutes: andy warhol coloring book, soup can crayons

    Do you know what you’d like for Mother’s Day? For me, it’s an easy request: peace and quiet for one whole day…(yeah, I know. Not so simple). All kidding aside, we know what great lengths our kids (and husbands) go to to make us moms feel special. But if they only realized that they didn’t have to try so hard, it might make the day a lot more meaningful. When most moms seem to crave a little more me time, maybe there’s a creative way to make that happen. I think my local library has the right idea: the current bulletin advertises a class for adult coloring, giving us the perfect excuse to sit down with a fresh box of crayons (who doesn’t love that scent?), some paper and a mind free of any pesky thoughts like what to make for dinner and did I sign that permission slip for the class field trip? Some unabashed time to be creative is good for the soul, not to mention mom’s sanity. If you’ve perused your local bookstore lately, you’ll see that this is adult coloring book craze is catching on. One of the latest titles, the Andy Warhol Coloring Book, is perfect for the beginning artist who wants to start small, but finish big. Everything is there, from the classic soup can to fresh flowers. And speaking of soup cans, the Andy Warhol Soup Can Crayons are the ideal companion for this coloring book. Packaged in a vintage tin, each of the 18 crayons bear whimsical, Warhol-inspired names like Tomato Soup Red and Yellow Banana. We think this combo makes a thoughtful gift for Mother’s Day, graduation or any special occasion. Better yet, it turns any ordinary day into an extraordinary one. And that’s something you can’t put a price on.

    In a Nutshell: Looking for a gift that says, “Hey, Mom. You deserve the day off!”? Just hand her this and a steaming cup of joe, steer her toward a comfy chair and let inspiration take over. You’ll thank us later.



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