• brain food: never insult a killer zucchini!

    The annual school Science Fair is upon us once again, and that means it’s time to start thinking up clever topics. I’m always amazed how the lemon light bulb and potato-powered battery make their appearance every year. Maybe this year, they can head back to the produce department, and let another veggie take center stage…like the zucchini. Never Insult a Killer Zucchini! is a delightful new picture book that pays tribute to this elementary school rite of passage. If you’ve been wracking your brain to help your kid come up with a prize-worthy experiment, this book not only provides food for thought, but pokes fun at the craziness of kids (and parents!) trying to outdo their classmates. Readers will enjoy this riotous romp, as the title vegetable shows that he is more than just a healthy treat that goes great with ranch dressing. Once the science fair judge pronounces his love for zucchini, it’s the perfect excuse for said veggie to seek revenge. From A to Z, readers are treated to a variety of off-the-wall experiments that serve as the backdrop for the entertainment. From Cloning competitive scientists, to the Quantum Mechanics who can “fix stuff before it breaks,” this is one science fair you’ll want to visit again and again. By story’s end, Zero Gravity turns all the action upside, complete with an illustration that will have kids rooting for their hero to save the day. Be sure to check out the A to Z glossary of possible science projects and how they work in real life.

    In a Nutshell: Whoever knew the science fair could be that much fun? This laugh-out-loud story definitely snags the blue ribbon.

    Never Insult FC 300

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