• creative chaos: color me cluttered coloring book

    Barely a week into the New Year, and my resolution-keeping is off to a shaky start. After poring over home magazines and vowing to keep our little abode tidier than in past years, I admit to fighting a never-ending battle. With two school-aged kids and a husband who acquires more stuff than I can track, trying to keep up with the daily clutter is a job in and of itself. Even after de-Christmasing much of our house, I still can’t find a place for all of our odds and ends (sigh…). So, of course when the daily grind gets the better of me, I tend to seek out outlets that give me solace: my cat, a good book and anything that gets my creative juices flowing. How serendipitous then that a new book would arrive just in time to assuage my guilt over a messy household. Color Me Cluttered joins the brigade of adult coloring books that are offering harried grown-ups a chance to revisit their childhood and relieve stress. Each page features a particular room in the home that begs to be cleaned…or is it “colored?” No matter which space you choose to tackle, the sheer act of selecting the right shade of red for that tomato on the kitchen table or the blue jeans hanging in a closet will give you the satisfaction you are craving. And you didn’t even have to lift a finger. So, if you’re feeling like you can’t possibly deal with putting away all those rolls of Christmas wrapping paper, grab a box of crayons, sit down and have at it. Creativity awaits you…

    In a Nutshell: A coloring book that eases the wintertime doldrums–and the guilt over not keeping a tidy house. After all, thColor Me Clutteredere’s a reason it’s called spring cleaning.

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