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    When my older daughter was a baby, we were fortunate to move to a home with a beach at the end of our street. As a new mom, I couldn’t wait to head down to the water with my baby in tow. After precariously loading up our stroller–with beach bag, sand toys and extra-large blanket tucked underneath; folded beach chair balanced on top; and umbrella bag slung over my shoulder–we headed out. Of course, we didn’t get very far without me having to stop every minute to shift my position and re-adjust all of our belongings. Luckily, my daughter remained intact, but I couldn’t say the same for my sanity. Eventually, I learned to master our beach-bound excursions, but had always longed for a stroller that could match my determination. Well, today’s moms and dads may have finally struck gold with the soon-to-be-released Entourage stroller. This is one of the coolest buggies we’ve seen to date: practical, yet polished and ready to take on whatever adventure your day demands. Designed to provide easy access for large or light loads, the Entourage features a large market tote that expands between the handlebar and front seat. Because it adjusts with the stroller’s position, you can fit bulky items: from grocery bags to suitcases. It can accommodate up to 150 lbs. of kids and cargo–plenty of space for a front seat, second seat and all your stuff. Truly the mother of all strollers, this baby is the ultimate in travel gear and will be in stores by early 2016. We think the Entourage is destined to put moms back where they belong: in the driver’s seat and in charge.

    In a Nutshell: A stroller that packs a mean punch–and carries all your gear, too. This is one Entourage you’ll definitely want to hang with.

    Austlen Entourage w_ cooler

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