• comfort food: lady pancake & sir french toast

    I don’t care how old my kids are; I still can’t resist checking out new picture books. Maybe it’s that irreplaceable smell of the freshly printed pages or the excitement of an inviting cover whose illustrations are begging me to find out what’s inside…whatever the reason, I’m hooked on books–and they’re not even for me! As a mom, I find the best books speak to me as a parents as much as they do to  my kids. Witty puns read like inside jokes and tickle my funny bone on days I can use it most. And that’s the beauty of Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast, an ode to breakfast gone awry. Much like my kids fighting over the last ice pop on a sweltering afternoon, the central characters in this story are quibbling over who will get the last drop of maple syrup. Readers are then taken on a romp of a culinary adventure, inside the far depths of the fridge (I always wondered what lurked in ours, but I’m too scared to look.) From Orange Juice Fountain to Chili Lagoon, there’s no shortage of creatively-named, Candy Land-esque hot spots, with equally inventive illustrations all the way through. By story’s end, the breakfast foods realize the time-honored lesson of not crying over spilled milk…er, syrup. Be sure to check out the delightful fold-out finale that will make any leftovers feel honored.

    In a Nutshell: Call it a breakfast of champions, if you will…This is one charming story that will delight any kid who understands the importance of playing with your food.

    Lady Pancake Cover Image

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