• shopkins goes to school: marsha mellow goes missing

    As much as I hate to admit it, summer is quickly drawing to a close. If you happen to live in a place where school has already started, then you know the sting of those first few weeks: Everyone is desperately trying to get back into the swing of things, and you promised yourself you would start off the new school year without yelling. (OK, so promises are made to be broken.) But seriously, we know how hard it can be to motivate your kids to get to the bus on time, do their homework and get to bed…just so they can wake up and start all over again. To give my girls a little boost, we ease into the whole homework cycle by making sure they are reading for pleasure over the summer months. If your kids have admittedly slacked off on picking up a book these past few months, or if you’re looking for a fun read for your dedicated bookworm, check out the latest book to pick up on the Shopkins craze. Marsha Mellow Goes Missing is the first book in a series starring the Shopkins Kids Club, five girls who meet to buy, trade and play with their favorite collectible characters. (And if your kids are anything like mine, you already know about these pint-sized playthings and probably have coveted Series 3 this summer!). My 7-year-old, who happens to like reading and loves her Shopkins, was all over this paperback, which follows the tale of what happens when one of the girls’ beloved pet goes missing. This chapter book kept her engaged and by story’s end, she was ready for more. How’s that for getting into the back-to-school mindset?

    In a Nutshell: Say sayonara to the summer slide, and get your kids ready to read with a fun new chapter book starring the latest collectible craze.

    Marsha Mellow Goes Missing (00000003)

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