• cruise control: douglas sea dog tote

    All it takes is one sunny day with temps that hint of spring, and wanderlust strikes! (Yup, it’s been that kind of winter.) My kids keep asking if they can wear short sleeves, but we all know how tricky the month of March can be…With an eye on the calendar, we are eagerly counting down to spring break and that means scores of families heading out of town. Even if your brood won’t be joining the masses, it never hurts to indulge in some vacation-style play. It’s why the Sea Dog Tote from Douglas caught our eye this season. Just this past weekend, my 6-year-old watch in amazement as a woman walked around town with her dog securely zipped up inside her sweatshirt. With just his furry head peaking out, she wondered how long he’d be content to stay that way. No worries about this adorable pup jumping ship; a fashionable tote keeps him contained during ferry rides to the Cape. Once this soft cream lab has a chance to stretch his little legs, little girls can use this stylish bag to carry around town. Sight-seeing done? Simply scoop him back up and he’s ready to check out the sights from a safe distance. Now that’s what we call a stay-cation.

    In a Nutshell: Here’s one pup who knows how to travel in style. The nautical print hints of warmer weather, just around the bend.

    Douglas_Sea Dog Tote

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