• What’s up with Mother Nature? While the calendar may say it’s spring, it’s still pretty cold out there. This may be the winter that just won’t quit, but that doesn’t have to spoil your fun. If you and your kids have had your fill of the white stuff, how about warming up with an indoor tea party? And if you’ve got a Girl Scout in the house (or a wannabee one), so much the better for this shindig. Speaking of scouts, hold onto your green berets for this one: Due out this fall, the Girl Scouts Cookie Oven lets you whip up freshly baked batches of Trefoils and Thin Mints in the comfort of your own kitchen. And if you’ll be joining your little ones for a cookie or two, how about a cup of freshly brewed Girl Scouts tea from Bigelow Tea? Their Thin Mints and Caramel & Coconut-flavored black tea are the perfect accompaniment to those homemade cookies. If your tea party could use an extra guest or two, make room for Build-a-Bear Workshop’s Girl Scout Flair Bear. Decked out in a cute top and shorts, she’s all ready for the warmer weather. And when it’s time to meet up with this bear’s troop, kids can dress her in her official uniform, sold separately in Daisy, Brownie and Junior Girl Scout styles. Finally, savor the mood of this delectable day with Yankee Candle’s Girl Scouts candles. Available in all those yummy cookie scents, these candles are a true treat for the mom who can’t resist those famous cookies. One whiff and you’ll be in heaven, minus the calories. Breathe deeply…

    In a Nutshell: No need to wait for the annual cookie drive; with these Girl Scouts cookie-inspired treats, you can get the party started right away!

    Girl Scout BearYankee Candle Thin Mints

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