• countdown is on: when, when, when will it be christmas?

    Anticipation is as much a part of the holiday season as a nutty fruitcake is. And as any parent knows, all that waiting can also drive you nuts! For all those over-eager little ones who can barely make it to December 25th, comes a delightful new picture books that aims to stave off that holiday hunger. When, When, When will it be Christmas? answers that all-important question in a colorful countdown format that is both engaging and calming. Rather than employ a traditional 3-2-1 blast-off approach, author/illustrator Cathy MacLennan chooses fitting imagery that crescendos with excitement at the turn of each page, but in a careful, slow-build approach. From bright-red birds helping to tie festive holiday bows, to Santa’s reindeer hanging lights, each illustration gently reminds young readers that everyone has a job to do in helping make the holidays extra special. Our favorite page by far shows costumed kids preparing for their Christmas show, with each outfit more adorable than the next. And as the story winds down, so does the action, helping to ready readers for their own bedtimes. Of course, the story’s inevitable end ensures that, in fact, all good things do come to those who wait. When, When, When will it be Christmas? gives readers a chance to savor the all-too-fleeting moments of the holiday season, no matter how old they are.

    In a Nutshell: The perfect antidote for holiday meltdowns, this charming storybook captures the excitement of the season in a digestible, fun format.

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