• girl power: goldieblox action figure, macy’s parade float

    I’m excited for my first grader who will be taking an after-school program all about STEM. If my dad were still alive, I know he’d be equally thrilled over the prospect of grooming a future engineer–and a female one at that. Because so many girl toys from my childhood were designed in pinks and purples, I’m always on the lookout for playthings that speak more to a child’s fascination with learning while having fun than toys that simply coordinate with her wardrobe. GoldieBlox has had girls’ interests at heart right from the beginning. These innovative construction kits combine storytelling with design and creative play: the stuff that imaginative kids crave. Whether it’s designing a parade flat, a spinning wheel or a dunk yank, girls get to experiment and hone their problem-solving skills to figure out what works best. The best part is what comes afterwards: pride in their work and a ‘look-what-I-can-do’ spirit they can take with them into their adult lives. Now, for girls whose sharp minds work just quickly as the rest as their bodies do, comes the GoldieBlox Zipline Action Figure. She comes with her own mini zipline that aspiring engineers can design and assemble. We think she’s primed for play and ready for action…just like a future engineer we know. MIT, here she comes!

    In a Nutshell: You go, girl. A great holiday gift for the little girl on your list who would rather be tinkering away than playing princesses.  *Keep an eye out for the GoldieBlox GirlPowered Spinning Machine float during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.*



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