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    I’m finally ready to admit it: I feel old. My kids adore Minecraft and I personally can’t understand it. I’m not really sure where their fascination lies, but when they talk about it, I feel like they’re speaking another language. What is so great about Creative, and just who is this Steve guy, anyway? While Minecraft may be the buzzword of the moment, I still wish it wasn’t just another excuse for my kids to beg for more screen time. That’s why I’m psyched for what we’re expecting to be one of hot toys of the holiday season: LEGO Minecraft Creative Adventure Sets. Based on the different environments of the Minecraft world, these play sets encourage kids ages 8 and up to act out their virtual fantasies offline. And that means plenty of hands-on play where kids’ imaginations can soar. Whether it’s in the Cave where your must fight off zombies and spiders, the Farm (shown below) where you can cultivate your green thumb and harvest pumpkins that can later be fashioned in jack-o-lanterns, or The First Night where you must build and stock your shelter before the Creeper strikes, there are plenty of opportunities for creative play. Those looking for the ultimate Minecraft building experience will relish the Crafting Box, from which you can construct your own models. Each of the six different LEGO Minecraft sets are available online at the LEGO Shop and will be in stores by January 2015.

    In a Nutshell: Even if you don’t ‘get’ the Minecraft lingo, these toys will make them think you do. And yes, this is how your mom felt about Pac-Man and Donkey Kong.

    Lego Minecraft Farm set


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