• double the dracula: playmobil duo pack vampires

    My daughters have finally settled on their Halloween costumes: the 6-year-old will be Pikachu from Pokemon (what, no Frozen?) and the 10-year-old is going the traditional route as a bat. While each girl purposefully planned to be something that had no relationship whatsoever to her sister’s (good old-fashioned sibling rivalry), as a mom I know far too well that whatever one kid has, another wants. (It’s why when one gets a present from Grandma, you can best be assured the other will be asking what she brought her.) If you’ve got a set of your own competitive kiddies at home, then you know firsthand how true this is, especially during the holidays. Right up our alley then is PLAYMOBIL’s Duo Pack Vampires, a twin set of costumed figures, a candlestick, a tiara and other accessories to put you in the Halloween frame of mind. With two vampires, there’s no fighting over taking turns or acting out their favorite Halloween scenes. And when they’re not making mischief in the playroom, these festive figures can double as decorations for your Halloween table. Care for a little nibble, Dracula?

    In a Nutshell: Whether as a terrifying toy or as Halloween decor, these mini vampires are a real scream.

    5239 - Duo Pack Vampires

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