• ghoulish goop: crazy aaron’s halloween putty

    October begins next week, and that means Halloween will be here before we know it. I love everything about it: the decorations, the candy, the costumes…did I mention the candy? This is one holiday that my entire family adores, including the grown-ups. (Last year, my husband made a coffin for a skeleton that was part of our front lawn display…I kid you not!) So since Halloween isn’t just for kids anymore, we’re on the lookout for Halloween goodies that have grown-up appeal, too. Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty celebrates the season with two new squishy putties begging to be played with. Jack O’Lantern is a orange and gold-speckled squishy putty that sparkles when the lights are dimmed. Witch’s Brew Putty Creature boasts a purplish hue that turns ghoulish green in the dark. Both come packaged in the signature Crazy Aaron tins–the perfect desktop companion to relieve workday stress. Just grab a handful and squish away! These also work great as grand prizes for Halloween party games. A real treat…and that’s no trick!

    In a Nutshell: Halloween just got a whole lot more sticky…and we’re not talking about the bottom of your kid’s candy bag. These playful putties are decked out in Halloween hues that will delight your resident goblins and ghouls.

    CATP_Jack O'Lantern+Witch's Brew1_HR

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