• do you want to build a snowman?: disney frozen craft

    It’s been two months since my daughter’s Frozen birthday party, and we still don’t see signs of this Disney craze slowing down. (Even a visit to the pediatrician for her annual check-up confirmed that doctors are in the know!). If you’re still looking for ways to appease your own Frozen-loving fanatic, we’re sharing step-by-step directions for our take-home craft that delighted my daughter’s party guests this past May. (Sure beats a goodie bag of plastic junk!) Even if you don’t consider yourself crafty (believe me, I can relate!), this simple project can be done using a few grocery store staples and does not require a glue gun (thankfully). The best part? You can eat it! Happy crafting…

    1. Using a toothpick, stack 3 marshmallows on top of each (toothpick inserted between the bottom and middle marshmallows will secure them).

    2. For the arms, insert one pretzel stick into each side (in the middle marshmallow).

    3. For the eyes, gently push chocolate chips (pointy side faced in) in the top marshmallow.

    4. For the nose, gently push in the orange jelly bean.

    5. For the scarf, tie the licorice whip around the “neck” on the top marshmallow.

    6. Eat (we recommend sooner rather than later) or display and ENJOY!

    Frozen favor in bagFrozen favor completed

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