• reduce reuse recycle: pbs kids wordgirl earth day special

    How will you and your family be celebrating Earth Day? For starters, we’ll be filling up on water from the tap instead of stocking up on those fancy-schmancy bottles that come in super packs bigger than our car. We’re also gearing up to plant our annual garden, one that’s been on hiatus in the last few years but that we’re determined to start up again (can’t wait for that fresh mint scent that wafts through the open windows…). And naturally, we’ll be tuning into a special episode of WordGirl airing on PBS Kids, April 22nd (check your local listings for times). We like this show in general because it proves that reading is cool, even for superheroes. In honor of Earth Day, the show’s monthly edition of WordGirl News is featuring “recycle” as its word of the month. Viewers will be able to watch WordGirl foil an enraged Birthday Girl who refuses to share her big day with a celebration for the Earth. Let’s just say that our heroine saves the day, not to mention the planet.

    In a Nutshell Saving the planet, one word at a time. WordGirl packs a mean punch in her crime-fighting, vocabulary-building ways.

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