• let it glow: uncle milton frozen room decor

    It’s like The Big Chill in our Frozen-obsessed house. Can you relate? My girls can’t get enough of this movie, and I know we’re not alone. Just last week, our plumber was singing “Let It Go” as he fixed our leaky sink…et tu, Brute? As this record-setting Disney franchise continues to amaze and delight fans of all ages, prepare yourselves for the continued onslaught of Frozen-themed goodies. With so many stores already sold out of Frozen toys, dolls and dress-up clothes, insiders are predicting a new wave of merchandise lasting well into the holiday season. (Really? Guess that means Olaf might make it to that summer he’s been longing for…). Naturally, we’re keeping our eyes peeled for any and all things Frozen, and so we’re waiting with bated breath for a new room decor line from Uncle Milton that will have Elsa, Anna and Olaf lovers redecorating their bedrooms in a heartbeat. For starters, the Olaf the Snowman Wall Friends brings everyone’s favorite snowman (sorry, Frosty) to life at the touch of a button. Kids will get a kick out of watching the 13-inch Olaf light up and talk to them, as he recites familiar phrases from the movie. If your kid knows his Frozen dialogue like the back of his hand, this is the toy for him. (Word is there will also be a Queen Elsa Wall Friends)…Elsa-adoring fans will be in the glory with the Snowflake Light Dance, which creates a bedroom light show with six different options. The snow queen herself strikes a daring pose, as she illuminates the scene. And if your kid can’t possibly pin down her favorite Frozen character, she can pay tribute to them all with Frozen Light Vines, 10 feet of multicolored lights that can be customized with attachable snowflakes and interchangeable light covers featuring the cast. With that much star power in one room, you can forget about “lights out” for the time being. Uncle Milton’s Frozen room decor line will be available in store this September.

    In a Nutshell: Frozen fans will be clamoring for this decor designed to add lots of light and liveliness to any bedroom.

    Uncle Milton Wall Friends - Olaf the SnowmanUncle Milton Snowflake Light DanceUncle Milton Frozen Light Vines




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    1. Erika OrdoƱez


      I would like to order this and how do I get this order? Please advise, thanks

    2. Pamela Brill

      These products will be available in September at ToysRUs.

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