• here’s looking at you, kid: levana ovia video monitor

    When my niece was a baby, my sister kept tabs on herĀ  with what today can only be described as an antiquated baby monitor. The reception was scratchy; the sound quality, mostly static; and on occasion, we could pick up snippets of her next-door neighbor’s conversation. Sure, it gave us a few laughs, but this product was hardly a useful parenting tool. That was nearly two decades ago, and my niece is now a college sophomore. Like so much of the baby products world, it’s amazing how advanced certain categories may become, especially baby monitors. No longer only audio-based, these products offer video capabilities of the highest quality, many of which can be managed remotely: a huge plus for the parent anxious to keep a close eye on their little one. But, does all that technology come with a steep learning curve? We asked our dad tester and new parent Chris Hart to put the Ovia Video Monitor through its paces, and see if its usefulness outweighed its installation. After a brief and relatively painless set-up, he had the monitor up and running without issue. Recognizing this as a true plug-and-play machine, he loved the “idiot-proof” tags, indicating which plug goes into which device. “The controls are easy to operate, and the resolution is great,” praises Chris of the 4.3-inch LCD screen. “The sound is awesome; I loved being able to talk [to my daughter] from the other room.” He also gives the Ovia Video Monitor‘s camera points for picking up sound well, and that taking pictures and video were a snap. If he could change anything, Chris suggests a longer cord for the camera in case he wanted to mount it on the wall. On the positive, he likes that it’s lightweight and easy to travel with: a nice perk for a getaway with the family.

    In a Nutshell: If you’re in the market for a hi-tech baby monitor, we’ve got one that’s easy to install and works like a charm.


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