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    Every year for Valentine’s Day, my dad bought me a heart-shaped box of chocolates. While my candy box only held 3 or 4 candy treats, I savored each one as though it was a precious gem…and couldn’t wait for the day I would graduate to the deluxe-sized box that my mom received. We were never too big on jewelry (too flashy) or flowers (they look pretty, but don’t last very long) in our house, so candy was king. As I got older, I noticed how many girls favored charm bracelets, diamond studs other jewelry, but that just wasn’t me. To this day, aside from my engagement ring and a special sapphire pendant, I haven’t accrued any, shall we say, safety deposit box-worthy possessions. Because I know that I have at least one daughter who has an eye for the finer things, I am often on the lookout for trinkets that can carry over from dress-up play to special occasion finery. Juniorbeads are just the ticket; these colorful bracelets and necklaces are made from 100-percent silicon (the same stuff used in pacifiers and bottle nipples) that is BPA- and lead-free. Whether you choose the chunky bracelets or a strand of bright beads, each piece is designed to stand up to kid-style wear and tear, and still look good. Their style complements any outfit, from play clothes, to a birthday party dress, and appeals to both little girls and budding tweens. Who knows…maybe if Juniorbeads had been around when I was a kid, I might have left my box of chocolates in the dust for one of these playful pieces.

    In a Nutshell: Next stop, Tiffany’s. This fun jewelry line lets little girls accessorize in style.

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