• a new kitty (and mouse) on the block toopy and binoo

    Move over, Tom and Jerry: There’s a new cat and mouse duo in town, and they’re a great team. Toopy and Binoo is an animated series for kids ages 2-6 that follows the adventures of Toopy, a tall, funny and friendly mouse, and his best friend, Binoo, a tiny, clever and lovable white cat. We got a sneak peek of these new characters who have their own TV YouTube channel and loved what we saw. This isn’t your ordinary game of cat and mouse; with a usually small creature like a mouse being so vocal and a cat being pint-sized and on the quiet, the role reversal adds to the show’s charm. My 5-year-old was quite taken with Binoo, probably because she can identify with being the quieter, younger counterpart to her outspoken old sister. In fact, it’s the talkative Toopy who loves to chat about the duo’s fun adventures, while Binoo keeps his lips sealed, but lets his feelings known through playful gestures and actions. Still, when they’re together, Toopy’s  and Binoo’s differences complement each other, and make for well-balanced entertainment. The Toopy and Binoo TV YouTube channel features more than 100 full, five-minute episodes: plenty of fun for the whole family.

    Twitter followers are invited to participate in the #ToopyandBinoo Twitter Party on February 20th at 1 pm (EST).

    I received Toopy and Binoo products in exchange for a post about the show. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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