• wash ‘n play: sud-z-buddy

    Since Christmas, my 5-year-old has been washing her hands to the tune of “Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer.” After months of washing along to “Happy Birthday,” she was looking for a change of pace (aren’t we all?). All kidding aside, I’m impressed that she continues to follow the 20-second or longer hand-washing rule; the time-honored parenting trick of making a game out of something mundane works well for this child. Of course, not every kid is easily swayed by songs and rhymes; her 9-year-old sister prefers a quick wash–so fast, I wonder how she could possibly get clean? And don’t get me started on brushing her teeth…Joining the ranks of frustrated parents everywhere comes a new product that gives kids an incentive to get their hands washed right. Sud-Z-Buddy is not your ordinary bar of soap; it lights up as kids wash and reveals a toy inside. Once the clear glycerin bar has been used up, the germs may be gone, but the fun has just begun. Kids can collect each of the five miniature toys, including a duck, clownfish and (our favorite) an octopus. We think Sud-Z-Buddy is a fun novelty item that makes hand-washing less of a chore (and a bore).

    In a Nutshell: Cold and flu session is still upon us. Put a little fun into hand-washing with a surprise bar of soap that rewards kids for keeping clean.

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