• take to the tub: skip hop moby waterfall bath rinser; aden + anais bubble bath

    Two weeks into January, and the winter weather has covered everything from an ice storm and subzero temps, to an unseasonal tempest that hints of an early spring. Today brings about a cold, damp rain…but I’m still debating whether I should put away my flip flops. If this roller coaster of a winter is any indication of the next few months, then we’ll glad hide out at home with a hot cup of something and a leisurely soak in the tub. If your version of reality hardly lends itself to undisturbed mommy time, then at least you can make bathtime for baby a little more fun –and less of a chore for you. One product we’re raving over is the brand-new Skip Hop Moby Waterfall Bath Rinser. Finally, a way to get the soap/shampoo out of your little one’s hair and not in her eyes. After years of experimenting with plastic cups and wash cloths over the eyes, not to mention foam visors that shielded little eyes from soapy nightmares, we’re thrilled to see such ingenuity in the bath department. Like its name suggests, this rinser creates a cascade of water that flows down in a steady stream, all the while staying out of eyes and ears. It’s easy to grasp, so you can use a free hand to safeguard your slippery babe. Plus, the bath rinser’s handle hangs for easy drying. And of course, no bath would be complete without a sweet-smelling soap like the aden + anais bubble bath.  This gentle formula contains no harsh chemicals or dyes, and lathers up with a rich sandalwood fragrance…so intoxicating, you may just have to steal some for yourself.

    In a Nutshell: A cleverly designed tool for the tub and a delicious sweet bubble bath to sweeten the deal.

    B_WaterfallRinser_L2(L)skin care bubble bath product



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