• super bowl 101: let’s play football

    Do you know where you’ll be this Sunday? Whether you’re lucky enough to have coveted a ticket, or are content to happily nosh nachos from the comfort of your couch, we’re betting all eyes will be on the screen to see which team will take home the Super Bowl XLVIII trophy. (If you’re like me, and don’t quite know your tight end from your end zone, you’ll do your best to smile, devour a chicken wing or two…and wait for the commercials.) But if you happen to have a budding football fan in your house, you don’t need to feign your intelligence about the game (wait a minute, who’s on first?). Arriving just in time for the Big Game is Let’s Play Football, a story book and downloadable app that aims to teach young kids and their parents about football fundamentals. Targeted at kids ages 2-6, the story follows a father bear and his two cubs learn the ins and outs of the game as they watch the fictitious Lions and Bears in action. Astute viewers/readers may recognize the voice of ESPN announcer Ron Jaworski give the play-by-play (and even if you don’t know who he is, you’ll still know more about the game by story’s end). So, no matter if you’re rooting for the Seahawks or the Broncos, Let’s Play Football will make you feel like a real pro. At the very least, you’ll look forward to the halftime show. P.S.: I hear the Volkswagen commercial is a keeper.

    In a Nutshell: Get in the game with a story and downloadable app that will get kids all fired up in time for Super Bowl Sunday.

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