• santa alert: school zone jolly try-n-spy

    Let the countdown begin! Our eyes and ears are peeled for the sound of Santa’s sleigh. Did we just hear reindeer hooves on the roof? If your kids can hardly wait another moment, we’ve found an entertaining way to maintain the momentum and keep them occupied (you do have all those presents to wrap, don’t you?). We got our hands on School Zone’s new app Jolly Try-n-Spy, a clever app that lets kids show just how observant they can be. Each of the 10 jolly Christmas scenes contain hidden pictures. They start out black and white, but once you locate the hidden images, the screen turns full color as Santa and team ride across the sky. Each time you play, the time it takes for you to find everything is recorded, and if you get really good, you get to enter the Holiday Hall of Fame. We like that this app appeals both to little kids, as well as older kids who want to beat their own personal best. A quick pull on a virtual green lever shuffles the images and mixes up a new picture to challenge players. Warning: this game can be highly addictive, almost like all those delicious Christmas cookies you’ll be eating up. Just be sure to save some for Santa. Merry Christmas!

    In a Nutshell: Santa spies can get in on the action with a new game that adds to the excitement of Jolly Old St. Nick’s arrival.

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