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    Today marks our third snowfall of the season, and it’s not even Christmas! The very thought of getting through winter while traversing our local, windy roads with kids in tow gives me the shivers. Keeping them safe is my job as a parent, so I want to be sure I make the right decisions, and that includes keeping them buckled up in the right safety seats. Because my 9-year-old is on the petite side, she still rides on a booster seat, as does her 5-year-old sister. As you can imagine, being “almost double digits” means not wanting to feel like a little kid. But that doesn’t mean forgoing what’s important, like your life. Fortunately, some booster seat manufacturers recognize this desire for style, while still maintaining security in their new product designs. As its name suggests, the Safety 1st Incognito Kid Positioning Seat lets passenger ride inconspicuously, thanks to its sleek style and under-the-radar design. Because it ensures proper seat-belt positioning, you won’t have any slouchers in your car. It’s available in black, dark grey, grey and tan, and can accommodate kids 60-120 lbs. and up to 60 inches. And if you’re all about celebrating the cool factor, then check out the new line tokidoki for clek. It’s a standard size booster seat, and comes in three Japanese anime patterns that ooze cool factor: Travel, Rebel and All Over. This is one booster seat that seems to proclaim, “I’m here: alive and well.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

    In a Nutshell: Don’t skimp on safety this holiday season. With these super-cool booster seats, your big kid can travel in style the whole year through.

    Safety 1st Incognito Kid-Positioning SeatOlli Travel


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