• holiday treat, savory and sweet: mrs. prindable’s gourmet caramel apples

    How many foodies do you have on your gift list this Christmas? We’ve got a few ourselves, not to mention out-of-state peeps who appreciate a package of sweet treats. But rather than stick with the same tried-and-true gift baskets you’ve been known to send out, how about a delectable dessert that also has some health benefits? We were recently treated to Mrs. Prindable’s gourmet caramel apples, and have now found ourselves a new holiday favorite. These juicy apples are first rolled in creamy caramel, then dipped in chocolate and topped off with a variety of nuts. The result is a crunchy, delicious taste that satisfies a sweet tooth without the guilt. We love that we get our vitamin C from the fruit, while still getting our sugar fix from the milk and dark chocolate. The apple makes a beautiful centerpiece for your Christmas table, and slices up easy for eager-to-please guests. Mrs. Prindable’s come beautifully packaged in festive colors, and are ideal for sending holiday wishes to faraway family and friends as a hostess gift for a holiday open house. Each apple serves up to 10 people–that’s if you plan on sharing it. Better yet, order an extra one for yourself and surprise the family with a Christmas Eve delight.

    In a Nutshell: Forget the sugarplums; we’ve got caramel apples dancing in our heads.

    Mrs. Prindables



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