• post office perfect: toymail

    “Did the mail come?” It’s the same question my 9-year-old asks the minute she steps off the school bus. And sadly, unless it’s her birthday or another holiday, the answer is usually a resounding no. Because both my daughters have always enjoyed playing post office–we’ve even gone so far as to create a makeshift mail stop in our backyard tree, complete with leaves as letters–it’s no surprise that someone would someday make a toy that sends mail…for real. This year, we’re in awe over Toymail and Mailmen, a unique plaything combo that goes beyond standard post office delivery. It starts with toy Mailmen, a line of silly-faced mailboxes that connect to your home WiFi via a free app. Next record any message you like, at anytime or from any location (even a quick “love you” on your way to the office), and send it the Mailmen. How to know if you’ve got Toymail? The Mailmen will snort, wheeze or whinny and then your kid can simply record her reply with a touch of the button on the back of the toy. Easy enough. Preschoolers will be in stitches over a talking mailbox, while older kids will love the tech angle to the toy. In our book, we give Toymail two thumbs up for the cool factor alone. Did we mention how much we like that they can still enjoy technology without being super-glued to a screen? It’s a brave new world of play…and in this world, the mail gets delivered on time, every time. The Toymail app is compatible with IOS devices, including iPhone, iPod and iPad. Pre-orders for the Mailmen are available now and will begin shipping in December.

    In a Nutshell: No need to go postal over what to buy your favorite resident. A toy that truly delivers.


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