• try-on tats: poppy drops

    Is your kid clamoring for pierced ears? Are weekly manicures for your tween out of your budget this time of year? Then have we got the solution for you. Poppy Drops is a hip and happenin’ company that makes temporary tattoos for little nails and ears. It’s ideal for kids who can’t commit to a style–and for moms who won’t let their daughters get that double piercing in the first place! Poppy Drops Tattoo Nail Art is easy to apply: just cut a square around the image you wish to apply, remove the protective covering and place face-down on your nail. Using a wet cloth, moisten the paper backing and then let dry for about 30 seconds. Sounds a little involved, but after doing a few nails, you’ll get the hang of it. (The earrings follow a similar approach that’s outlined in the directions.) There are plenty of styles to suit every temperament–from zebras and bumblees, to glittery choices and holiday ensembles –including Halloween pumpkins. And don’t worry about applying anything harmful; all Poppy Drops are made with all-natural dyes and kid-friendly adhesives. So, experiment away!…but just don’t talk to us about nose rings or belly piercings. Sorry, we can’t help you there ;-)

    In a Nutshell: Whoever said ‘no pain, no gain’ didn’t know about tattoo earrings and nail art that are kid-friendly and won’t break the bank.

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