• spin cycle: the dirty socks come clean

    I confess: I kinda like doing laundry. I find the chore of sorting colors and whites rather soothing and the sounds of a tumbling dryer, a familiar comfort. Because I wind up folding clothes during our nightly DVR catch-up, this mindless task comes full circle as my day wraps up. I wish all household tasks didn’t require me to expend that much energy (for instance, I loath loading/emptying the dishwasher)…as long as the batch of clothes I’m folding doesn’t reveal any mismatched socks. No matter how much my family tries to keep those pairs together, a lone sock somehow ends up without his mate, and that’s just no fun. Where does that illusive sock go, I sometimes wonder? Could he have taken on another persona, perhaps something a bit more meaningful? In my bizarre fantasy, he has a starring role in a cool kiddie band with a fitting name: The Dirty Sock Funtime Band, one that just happens to have released a brand-new CD, The Dirty Socks Come Clean. If their name rings a bell, you may remember this wacky group from Nick Jr. music spots where, to this sleep-deprived new mom, it looked like they were having more fun than should be allowed. Today, their non-stop music party continues with 18 songs that never lose momentum. From the wild opening title track, to the quieter ballads like “Mama’s Song” and “Lenny,” these guys know how to play to their audience: kids who love a good, old-fashioned dance party, followed by a necessary cool-down. Guest singer Laurie Berkner adds her own flavor to the jazzy “We’re in Love,” while “I’m Hungry” satisfies the otherwise insatiable appetite for a unique sound featuring a touch of Klezmer. No matter what type of music they are dishing up, The Dirty Sock Funtime Band proves once again that their music is fresh, fun and always ready for a good time. Now if only I could find that missing sock…

    In a Nutshell: A kiddie band that truly knocks our socks off.

    The Dirty Socks Come Clean cover art_72dpi


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