• Whenever it was time to feed my baby daughters, I was never without my Boppy. The donut-shaped nursing support pillow that made a name for itself as a must-have baby shower gift, this product got quite a bit of mileage over the years. But because I did not take it along with me whenever I left the house (Lord knows how much other baby gear I had to lug around!), I always felt the substitutes lacked the same comfort that this mommy security-type blanket offered; couch pillows and folded-over comforters just didn’t do the trick. So when I heard about the mom-invented Comfy Cradle, I knew this mompreneur was onto something. Designed by an Ohio mother of two who realized there must be a better way to hold her baby while nursing, this mini support pillow is the ideal solution. Unlike a throw pillow or blanket that won’t stay in place, the Comfy Cradle wraps around your arm and is secured via Velcro, ensuring that the support stays put even if your baby wiggles around. The best part? Once you have finished feeding, you can easily transfer your baby into her crib without disturbing her (a big plus if she conks out while feeding). Available in a variety of fun prints and patterns, the Comfy Cradle is made from a machine-washable cotton and a hypoallergenic filling. It’s just slowly rolling out into stores, but is also available on the Comfy Cradle Web site. We think it’s bound to be a baby-shower hit.

    In a Nutshell: “Oh my aching….arm?” If you’re feeding your baby and using the Comfy Cradle, chances are you’ll never have to utter those words ever again.

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