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    Just before the holidays, I managed to catch up with an old friend. After updating each other on our families’ lives, she told me about her toddler son who wasn’t speaking and talking like other kids similar in age. After having him evaluated, she learned that he was speech delayed and began taking the proper steps to get him the extra help he needed. Oddly enough, we had just learned of a new speech/language service specifically designed to help parents like my friend work with their child and boost their verbal development. The beauty of Language Launchers‘ subscription-based service for ages 0-2 is that it gets mailed directly to your home, and you can use it at your own pace with your child. We got our hands on The Babble Box, a shipment of the first three months of the Babbling with Babies series. As is true with each month’s delivery, the box was well-stocked with a variety of toys and learning aids that help develop a child’s growing speech. Whether they are centered on early conversation, reading or music, each carefully chosen item has an intended purpose. And don’t feel you’ve been left alone in the dark; each mailing contains plenty of helpful tips and suggestions for cultivating your baby’s love of language.  Each month’s mailing is an incentive to maintain that momentum and encourage more together time. What a wonderful way to start the new year.

    In a Nutshell: Let the learning begin! For the parent looking for ways to nurture their child, but not sure how to begin, Language Launchers does the homework for you.


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